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V.I.P. Taxi and Rent a Car

Luxury transport that cannot be compared.
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Mercedes Vito is the model of vans PRIMUS, offers at your disposal. We organize private excursions, shopping trips, wine tours, and Tour de Macedonia.


If you are planing a business trip or maybe you want to organize a familly excursion, our vans are the right choice for you. Check out our offers and choose the one that suites you best.

If you would like to rent a car for a longer period of time, you can do so by calling us at + (389) 70 216 765, email us at, or by starting a conversation on our website.

Wine Tours

PRIMUS Organizes visits to wineries and wine regions in the Republic of Macedonia. Allow yourself to enjoy all the senses, and leave the organization part to us

Weekend Trips

If you don’t have a lot of free time and you want to spend any weekend resting or maybe you want to plan a weekend trip for your loved ones, PRIMUS rent a car can help arrange transportation and hotel accommodation reservations at your destination.

PRIMUS employees take care of their customers and offer their vehicles and drivers 24 hours a day.

Shopping Tours

If you are an owner of a boutique, or you want to organize a family shopping trip and you want to do this with the best prices and fastest action you are at the proper place, PRIMUS rent a car will organize all of this for you, transport to the desired shopping destination with our vehicles and our chauffeurs. If you want to do all of this but you don’t own a vehicle PRIMUS rent a car can rent you one of our own.

You can get detailed info by calling us at + (389) 70 216 765, email us at, or simply by starting a conversation on our website.

Tour de Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia is a small and beautiful country situated in the southeast of Europe. More precisely Macedonia is situated in the Balkan Peninsula and it is south of Serbia, west of Bulgaria, north of Greece, and east of Albania. Macedonia offers its visitors a unique blend of natural wonders, traditions, and cultures. It is a natural paradise of mountains, lakes, and rivers.

If you would like to know something more about the Republic of Macedonia, click the link and look at the .pdf file we have prepared for you.

Explore our fleet and choose the right car or van for your needs, PRIMUS is at your disposal anytime!

With our vehicles, there is always the opportunity to hire our driver. The cost of the service will cost you € 25 without food and overnight stay for the driver.

If you need to use accessories, we offer baby seats, ski and bike racks, GPS devices, and snow chains.

To find out the price list for the shuttle taxi service please call us at + (389) 70 216 765, email us at, or simply by starting a conversation on our website.

To use our services we charge by invoice, payment card, or cash.